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The key features of Turner syndrome are short stature and gonadal dysgenesis, i.e., abnormal development of the ovaries. In the adult, the ovaries are represented by streaks of ovarian stroma devoid of oogonia. Menstruation does not occur and insufficient estrogen production leads to failure of development of secondary sexual characteristics Girls with Turner syndrome also have distinctive features and associated health conditions, some of which may be apparent from birth. They may be born with swollen hands and feet, caused by a build-up of excess fluid (lymphoedema) in the surrounding tissues, but this usually clears soon after birth The most significant features of Turner's syndrome include: short stature - average adult height is 143 cm (4' 8) infertility - due to underdeveloped ovaries congenital heart defects - in about 50 per cent of affected wome Turner syndrome (TS) was first described in 1938, when Dr. Henry Turner observed a group of girls who all had the same unique physical features—short height, webbed necks, and undeveloped sex features. Because Dr. Turner could see these features, they aren't truly symptoms—they are signs

Turner Syndrome components and clinical features can be remembered using the mnemonic : CLOWNS. C ardiac abnormalities: Co-arctation of Aorta. L ymphoedema. O varies underdeveloped : sterility, amenorrhea. W ebbed neck. N ipples widely spaced Females with Turner syndrome may develop a variety of distinctive physical features including a short neck with a webbed appearance, a low hairline at the back of the head, low-set ears, and narrow fingernails and toenails that are turned upward Clinically, patients with Turner syndrome are short, and they have a small chin, prominent folds of skin at the inner corners of the eyes (epicanthal folds), low-set ears, a webbed neck, and a shieldlike chest. Individuals with Turner syndrome also have an increased incidence of anomalies of the heart and large blood vessels

A diagnosis of Turner syndrome may be suspected when there are a number of typical physical features observed such as webbed neck, a broad chest and widely spaced nipples. Sometimes diagnosis is made at birth because of heart problems, an unusually wide neck or swelling of the hands and feet Turner syndrome, also known as 45XO or 45X, is the most common of the sex chromosome abnormalities in females. Epidemiology The incidence is estimated at 1:2000-5000 of live births, although the in utero rate is much higher (1-2% of conception.. Turner syndrome (TS) is a neurogenetic disorder characterized by partial or complete monosomy-X. TS is associated with certain physical and medical features including estrogen deficiency, short stature and increased risk for several diseases with cardiac conditions being among the most serious Turner syndrome (TS) is a symptom complexcharacterised by the presence of a single Xfunctioning chromosome. TS occurs in 1:1500-2500live female births Mosaicism of both the X and the Y chromosome is a common finding in Turner syndrome. The features of mosaic Turner syndrome can vary considerably from individual to individual. In females, they can range from mild to severe signs and symptoms of Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome is a genetic condition that only affects girls. The most characteristic features of the syndrome are being short, having certain physical features (detailed below), and ovaries that do not work properly. Although there is no cure, there are treatments that can help most girls with Turner syndrome lead relatively normal lives Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition that alters development in females. Women with this condition tend to be shorter than average and are usually unable to conceive a child because of an absence of ovarian function.Other features of this condition that can vary among women who have Turner syndrome include: extra skin on the neck (webbed neck), puffiness or swelling of the hands and feet. Turner syndrome can affect: 1. Appearance. Features of Turner syndrome may include a short neck with a webbed appearance, low hairline at the back of the neck, low-set ears, hands and feet that are swollen or puffy at birth, and soft nails that turn upward. Stature. Girls with Turner syndrome grow more slowly than other children

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The Turner Syndrome Society's mission is to advance knowledge, facilitate research, and support all those touched by Turner syndrome. Disclaimer- The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment Psychotic Features of Turner Syndrome. To the Editor: Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by partial or complete X chromosome monosomy, which occurs at birth in approximately 1 in 2,000 females. 1 Only a small number of studies 2 describe the psychopathologic features of Turner syndrome, with many girls exhibiting immaturity, poor self-esteem, and social relationship difficulties Features of Turner's Syndrome: 1. Lymphedema of dorsum of the hand and feet and excess of skin in the neck. 2. Short stature, never more than 5′ and phenotypically females. 3. Nails are frequently small, narrow and set deep into the nailpit or are square with increased lateral curvature. 4 Turner syndrome is one of the more common chromosome anomalies in humans and represents an important cause of short stature and ovarian insufficiency in females. The clinical manifestations and diagnosis of Turner syndrome will be reviewed below. Management of Turner syndrome is discussed separately. (See Management of Turner syndrome in.

Turner Syndrome= बालिकाओं में Hypergonodotopic hypogonadism के कारण होनी वाला यह एक प्रमुख व्याधि है। 2500 Newborn Phenotypic female में से 1 बालक में यह विकृति पायी जाती है। ये बालिकाएँ आकार में छोटी. Turner Syndrome Facial Features Signs and symptoms of Turner syndrome may vary among girls and women with the disorder. For some girls, the presence of Turner syndrome may not be readily apparent, but in other girls, a number of physical features and poor growth are apparent early Introduction. Turner syndrome (TS) is one of the most common genetic disorders; occurs with an incidence of I: 2,500 female live births. () It results from complete or partial chromosome X monosomy(TS is associated with abnormalities of the X chromosome and characteristic clinical features of short stature, gonadal dysgenesis, sexual developmental deficiencies, cardiac and/or renal defects. Patients with Turner syndrome may present with a cystic hygroma on a fetal ultrasound [] or may have swollen hands and feet owing to lymphedema at birth.. Children usually present with short stature, but some girls younger than 11 years have heights within the normal range for girls without Turner syndrome. [] Although the presence of other features may increase the index of suspicion, a. REVIEW ARTICLEPrenatal Sonographic Features of Turner Syndrome. Prenatal Sonographic Features of Turner Syndrome. Turner syndrome (TS) was first described by Henry Turner in 1938 and was then known to be secondary to karyotypic variation of 45, X in 1959. Most conceptuses with TS spontaneously abort, and only 1% of these embryos survive to term

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Turner syndrome 1. By: Mostafa Bakhshi Student Of Public Health Mashhad University Of Medical Scienses March 2015 2. Turner Syndrome Overview; What Is It? Turner syndrome (TS) is a chromosomal condition that describes girls and women with common features that are caused by complete or partial absence of the second sex chromosome.[1][2][3] The missing genetic material affects development. Turner syndrome is a disorder that has distinct clinical features and has karyotypic aberrations with loss of critical regions of the X chromosome. Several clinical guidelines on the diagnosis and. The condition is named for Dr. Henry Turner, an endocrinologist, who in 1956 noted a set of common physical features in some of his female patients. What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Turner Syndrome? Most girls with Turner syndrome who don't get treatment are shorter than their peers, with an average final adult height of 4 feet 7 inches Turner syndrome refers to a genetic disorder that is only found in girls. The most common features of people that suffer from the condition are shortness, nonfunctional ovaries, and certain physical characteristics. There is no cure for this disease but females with the condition can be given treatments that will help them live a normal life

1. Melissa L. Loscalzo, MD* 1. *Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Genetics, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Fla After completing this article, readers should be able to: 1. Describe the features of the Turner syndrome (TS) phenotype in the newborn. 2. Discuss the cardiac and renal complications associated with TS In brief. Turner Syndrome (TS) is a chromosome abnormality affecting only females, caused by the complete or partial deletion of the X chromosome. The incidence of TS is approximately 1:2000 live female births. Confirmation of a diagnosis of TS is by karyotype but a suspected diagnosis can be made by a series of characteristic physical features. In Turner Syndrome it is common to see abnormal dental health development. At the time of diagnosis, a complete dental and orthodontic examination will screen for any such abnormalities.Skeletal malocclusion is caused by distortion of proper mandibular and/or maxillary growth during fetal development which, if untreated, may lead to dental deformities, bruxism, teeth-crowding, trismus. Turner syndrome occurs in about 1 in 2,000 female births worldwide. The reason for the missing or changed X chromosome appears to be a random event, so any girl could be born with TS. What are the physical features of Turner syndrome Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder due to complete or partial monosomy for the X chromosome, associated with short stature and primary ovarian failure in phenotypic females. The eponym derives from a study published in 1938 by Henry Turner describing seven women with short stature, sexual immaturity, neck webbing, low posterior hairline.

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Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by the (partial) absence or a structural aberration of the second sex chromosome and is associated with a variety of phenotypes with specific physical features and different malformations. Turner syndrome is highly variable and can differ dramatically from one person to another [1-3].First described by Henry Hubert Turner, American. Turner syndrome is a sporadic disorder of females in which all or part of one X chromosome is deleted. Characteristic features include short stature with somatic features such as broad, 'shield-like' chest, webbed neck, low-set ears, and gonadal dysgenesis

4. Scottish Actress Janette Cranky. Turner syndrome didn't allow Janette Krankie to grow taller than 4 feet and 5.5 inches, but the disorder couldn't keep her from becoming one of the most popular celebrities with Turner syndrome. Born in 1947 in Scotland, she's a popular actress known mainly for her performance in The Krankies Klub (1982), The. Individuals with Turner syndrome (TS) are at risk for a constellation of neurocognitive and psychosocial differences, although there is significant individual variability in these features. TS is associated with an increased risk for difficulties with visual-spatial reasoning, visual-spatial memory, attention, executive functioning, motor, and.

Features of Turner syndrome are, the female is short stature with webbed neck, underdeveloped breasts, uterus, vulva or vagina may be present, but ovaries are not developed, so primary amenorrhea occurs, associated dysfunctions are hearing impairment, cardiovascular dysfunctions, and other congenital anomalies These variant karyotypes are often associated with no features, fewer features, or milder features of Turner Syndrome (as seen in this case). In classic 45,X Turner syndrome, X-linkage studies show that the missing sex chromosome is most frequently of paternal origin (77%) -- likely due to a meiotic nondisjunction event in gametogenesis Key Difference - Klinefelter vs Turner Syndrome Klinefelter syndrome is defined as the male hypogonadism that occurs when there are two or more X chromosomes and two or more Y chromosomes. Turner syndrome is the complete or partial monosomy of the X chromosome, which is characterized primarily by the hypogonadism in phenotypic females. Since there is usually one additional chromosome in. Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects a girl's development. The cause is a missing or incomplete X chromosome. Girls who have it are short, and their ovaries don't work properly. Other physical features typical of Turner syndrome are. Short, webbed neck with folds of skin from tops of shoulders to sides of neck

Girls and women with Turner syndrome face a lifelong struggle with both congenital heart disease and acquired cardiovascular conditions. Bicuspid aortic valve is common, and many have left-sided heart obstructive disease of varying severity, from hypoplastic left-sided heart syndrome to minimal aortic stenosis or coarctation of the aorta Mosaic Turner syndrome. People who have classic and mosaic Turner syndrome can have similar features such as short stature and failure of reproductive tissue to develop. Both types of Turner syndrome are due to errors associated with the sex chromosomes. Individuals with classic Turner syndrome s are always 45,X genotype in all their cells In this lecture, we discuss Pathology, Clinical features, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Klinefelter & Turner syndrome.Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: h.. Turner syndrome occurs in one out of every 2,500 to 3,000 live female births. The syndrome is characterized by the partial or complete absence of one X chromosome (45,X karyotype). Patients with.

Gravholt C. Epidemiological, endocrine and metabolic features in Turner syndrome. Eur J Endocrinol. 2004; 151(6): 657-87. 6. Wihelmsen-Ladin K, Bryman I, Wilhelmsen L. Cardiac malformations and hypertension, but not metabolic risk factors, are common in Turner syndrome This educational activity will discuss the genetic characteristics of Turner syndrome, and how particular genetic deficiencies may be responsible for some of the physical characteristics; explain how to recognize the physical features of Turner syndrome to enhance early identification and patient outcomes; describe treatment strategies; and provide some resources for information and support.

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Structural heart disease is a feature of Turner's syndrome, occurring in 15-30% of those presenting in postnatal life 2-5. The most frequent cardiac abnormalities are a bicuspid aortic valve, which occurs in 14-19% of cases, or coarctation of the aorta in around 4-10% of cases Turner syndrome (TS) is a condition in phenotypic girls and women with a lack of one or part of one sex chromosome and affects ∼1/2500 live female births. 1 While short stature, hypogonadism and typical dysmorphic features are commonly recognized clinical features, a range of medical problems can exist across the age span (Table 1. [Figure caption and citation for the preceding image starts]: Pathognomonic features of Turner's syndrome From the personal collection of Carolyn Bondy, MS, MD [Citation ends]. Other features include: Down-sloping eyes, ptosis, or hooded eyes. Multiple melanocytic naevi. Dystrophic, hyper-convex nails. Scoliosis. Pubertal statu

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  1. Media in category Turner syndrome. The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. 45,X.jpg 816 × 512; 22 KB. Baby Turner.JPG 257 × 187; 7 KB. Meiosis II Non Disjunction.jpg 453 × 538; 105 KB. Neck of girl with Turner Syndrome (before and after).jpg 265 × 298; 35 KB. Puffy feet.JPG 196 × 196; 6 KB
  2. Individuals with Turner syndrome (TS) are at risk for a constellation of neurocognitive and psychosocial differences, although there is significant individual variability in these features. TS is associated with an increased risk for difficulties with visual-spatial reasoning, visual-spatial memory, attention, executive functioning, motor.
  3. Turner Syndrome affects approximately 1 in 2,500 live female births. For a full list of associated features please refer to the section titled 'Features of Turner Syndrome' on page 29. It must be emphasised that some girls may have only one or two mild features of the syndrome while others may have several that are easily recognised
  4. Other physical features seen in Down syndrome include a single crease across the palms of their hands as well as short stubby fingers with a fifth finger or pinky that curves inward (this is called clinodactyly). They often have straight hair that is fine and thin. In general, people with Down syndrome tend to be short in stature with short limbs
  5. Occasionally, she may have a partial second X chromosome. Because she is missing part or all of a chromosome, certain genes are missing. The loss of these genes leads to the symptoms of Turner syndrome. 1. Sometimes, girls with Turner syndrome have some cells that are missing one X chromosome (45,X) and some that are normal
  6. Turner Syndrome. Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting girls and women. The cause of Turner syndrome is a completely or partially missing X chromosome. Turner syndrome symptoms include short stature and lack of breast development and periods. Treatment for Turner syndrome may include hormone therapy
  7. Turner Syndrome (Upper Skeletal Features) In Turner syndrome, girls are born with one of their two X chromosomes partly or completely missing. Diagnosis is based on clinical findings and is confirmed by cytogenetic analysis. Treatment depends on manifestations and may include surgery for cardiac anomalies and often growth hormone therapy for.
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Turner syndrome may be suspected by prenatal cell-free DNA screening or certain features may be detected on prenatal ultrasound screening. Prenatal diagnostic testing can confirm the diagnosis. At birth. If certain conditions — such as a webbed neck or other distinct physical features — are readily apparent at birth, diagnostic tests will. Turner syndrome is a genetic condition caused by an abnormality on one of your sex chromosomes. It's also called monosomy X, gonadal dysgenesis, and Bonnevie-Ullrich syndrome. Only the female. Turner syndrome (TS) is a chromosomal condition that describes girls and women with common features that are caused by complete or partial absence of the second sex chromosome. The syndrome is named after Dr. Henry Turner, who was among the first to describe its features in the 1930s Turner's syndrome. You have 3 more open access pages. Turner's syndrome individuals have a 45, XO karyotype and occur in the population with a frequency of 1 in 2500 live female births. In this condition, gonadal hypoplasia is associated with a variety of somatic abnormalities. Diagnosis is often made during childhood or at puberty when the. Turner Syndrome is a pathological condition found only in females in which the chromosome X is partially or entirely missing from the female resulting in variety of complications like developmental delays, short stature, failure to attain puberty, infertility, cardiac abnormalities etc. Turner Syndrome can be diagnosed even before birth or in infancy or early childhood

The features associated with Turner Syndrome can be highly visible, says Dr. David Sandberg, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Buffalo in New York. It can affect their ability to connect with others. Sandberg says some girls with Turner Syndrome have difficulty with intimacy and don't develop the same depth of friendships as. Background. Turner syndrome (gonadal dysgenesis with sex chromosome abnormalities) is recognized to be a disorder in which cardiovascular malformations are common. The prevalence and natural history of these findings, the risk for aortic dissection, and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease have all been the subject of debate, as have been the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations. J.M. Willhite Mosaic Turner syndrome generally manifests with an X-chromosome deficiency or mutation. Mosaic Turner syndrome is a condition caused by the presence of a chromosomal deficiency that adversely affects a female's sexual development. Caused by erroneous fetal cell division, this form of Turner syndrome generally manifests with either an X-chromosome deficiency or mutation Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects only females. It involves a lack of part or all of a second sex chromosome in some or all cells. Girls are often short in stature, and they. Turner Syndrome Genotype and Phenotype and Their Effect on Presenting Features and Timing of Diagnosi

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This syndrome is named after Henry Turner who, in 1938, was one of the 1st medical doctors to report on the syndrome in the medical literature. He observed a group of girls who all had the same unique physical features - webbed necks, short height, and undeveloped sex features Nystagmus, congenital or childhood onset cataracts, and glaucoma are rare in any population, but are more frequent in the setting of Turner syndrome. Regular ophthalmologic examinations beginning in the first 12-18 months of life, or sooner if concerns are identified, are important to ensure timely identification and management of ocular. number of features that often occur together. There are a number of features that can be present in Turner syndrome. Some girls and women will have more features of the syndrome than others and there will be a difference in the degree of severity of the symptoms between affected females. In some cases, a diagnosis of Turner syndrome is not mad Turner Syndrome (TS) is caused by the complete or partial absence of the second X chromosome (monosomy) in some or all cells or presence of structurally abnormal X chromosome. TS presents with wide range of somatic features including characteristic facial features (webbed neck, low-set or maltreated ears, ptosis), short stature, prematur

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DOI: 10.1016/j.ijgo.2014.11.025 Corpus ID: 13527768. Features of Turner syndrome among a group of Cameroonian patients @article{Wonkam2015FeaturesOT, title={Features of Turner syndrome among a group of Cameroonian patients}, author={A. Wonkam and Sandra W Veigne and A. Abass and S. N. Ngo Um and J. J. Noubiap and J. Mbanya and E. Sobngwi}, journal={International Journal of Gynecology. Turner syndrome results from the entire or partial loss of the second X chromosome, and is associated with a number of medical problems. Affected women require long-term medical follow-up. This study investigated the status of medical follow-up focusing on the transition for young adult women with Turner syndrome (TS) Prenatal Sonographic Features of Turner Syndrome Chih-Ping Chen1,2,3*, Shu-Chin Chien4,5 Turner syndrome (TS) was first described by Henry Turner in 1938 and was then known to be secondary to karyotypic variation of 45,X in 1959. Most conceptuses with TS spon-taneously abort, and only 1% of these embryos survive to term. Fetuses with a pure an Turner's syndrome: [ ter´nerz ] gonadal dysgenesis marked by short stature, undifferentiated (streak) gonads, and variable abnormalities that may include webbed neck , low posterior hair line, cubitus valgus , and cardiac defects. The genotype is XO (45,X) or X/XX or X/XXX mosaic , and affected individuals have a female phenotype. Information.

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Turner Syndrome Definition Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder affecting females wherein one of the two X-chromosomes is defective or completely absent. Description Chromosomes are structures in the nucleus of every cell in the human body. Chromosomes contain the genetic information necessary to direct the growth and normal functioning of all. Turner syndrome (TS), i.e., mosaic or nonmosaic states with only one normal X chromosome in females, is characterized by a wide spectrum of somatic, hormonal, and metabolic features. Here we report an unusual case of recurrent hypoglycemia in a 53-year-old woman with TS. Biochemical work-up following a 72h fast revealed detectable, inappropriate for low glucose insulin levels and elevated.

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Turner syndrome is one of several syndromes of abnormal sex differentiation. Most females have a pair of sex chromosomes designated as XX, and most males have a pair of sex chromosomes designated as XY. In Turner syndrome, which only affects females, there is a partially or completely missing X chromosome We analysed bone age radiographs in 102 girls with Turner syndrome and compared the findings with 93 control girls and nine girls with Leri-Weill syndrome. Various signs were analysed: radial bowing or Madelung deformity, maximal/minimal height of the radial epiphysis, brachymetacarpia of the 4th digit, carpal and epiphyseal angle, as well as a new sign the distal radio-ulnar physeal disparity

Objective. To describe the features of Turner syndrome among a group of Cameroonian patients. Methods. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among patients with amenorrhea and/or short stature who attended the genetic unit of Yaoundé Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatric Hospital (Yaoundé, Cameroon) for a specialist consultation between July 1, 2007, and December 31, 2008 The phenotype represented in this entry is termed 'X-linked syndromic mental retardation, Turner type' because the first mutation in the HUWE1 gene was found in the large affected family originally reported by Turner et al. (1994).Subsequently, HUWE1 mutations were found in patients with several other similar X-linked disorders, including Juberg-Marsidi syndrome and Brooks-Wisniewski-Brown.

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How is Turner syndrome treated? Turner syndrome is first treated with human growth hormone. When a girl reaches puberty, she will then begin estrogen replacement therapy. The primary purpose of growth hormone is to regain height in girls with TS. Without growth hormone treatment, the average height of an adult woman with Turner syndrome is 4 ft. Turner Syndrome. Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal condition that occurs when one of the two X chromosomes found in females is missing or incomplete. It is a chromosomal condition that only affects females. It is one of the most common chromosomal conditions, occurring in about 1 out of every 2,500 live female births Abstract. Turner syndrome is characterized by short stature and is frequently associated with a variable spectrum of somatic features including ovarian failure, heart and renal abnormalities, micrognathia, cubitus valgus, high-arched palate, short metacarpals and Madelung deformity Turner syndrome is a non-inherited chromosomal condition that affects approximately one in 2,500 girls. Turner syndrome is a non-inherited chromosomal condition that affects approximately one in 2,500 girls. It only affects females and is caused when one X chromosome is complete and the other is missing or altered. When Cate was diagnosed in. Turner syndrome is characterized by short stature. Dysmorphic features are common and include low and posteriorly rotated ears, webbing of the neck, shield-like chest (broad chest with wide-spaced nipples), cubitus valgus, short fourth and fifth metacarpals, and hypoplastic nails. Other frequent findings include lymphedema, pigmented nevi, and.

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Wilson-Turner syndrome (WTS), also known as mental retardation X linked syndromic 6 (MRXS6), and mental retardation X linked with gynecomastia and obesity is a congenital condition characterized by intellectual disability and associated with childhood-onset obesity. It is found to be linked to the X chromosome and caused by a mutation in the HDAC8 gene, which is located on the q arm at locus 13.1 Turner syndrome: A chromosomal abnormality in which one X chromosome is absent; 45,X karyotype. Variable expressivity: The range of signs and symptoms that can occur in different persons with the. Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition that affects development in females.The most common feature of Turner syndrome is short stature, which becomes evident by about age 5. Most girls and women with Turner syndrome have normal intelligence. Developmental delays, nonverbal learning disabilities, and behavioral problems are possible. matic features of Turner syndrome (short stature, webbed neck, cubitus valgus) were noticed. The external genitalia consisted of a small phallus with hypertrophy of labia majora, two perineal openings without palpable gonads on labioscrotal structures or in the inguinal region. The internal genitali Epidemiological, endocrine and metabolic features in Turner syndrome. Turner syndrome is one of the more common genetic disorders, associated with abnormalities of the X chromosome, and occurring in about 50 per 100 000 liveborn girls. Turner syndrome is usually associated with reduced adult height, gonadal dysgenesis and thus insufficient.

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